Primus Gravity EF Stove

Primus make 3 types of ground based stoved, this one is the cheepest one which runs from LP gas only… which is fine by me. It’s more ideal for long weekend / week camping cooking as it’s slightly larger than my other Primus stove and not quite as easy to use (more fiddley to link to gas and put away after use etc). It produces a nice hot flame, which makes for good cooking with larger pans, and it comes with a ground protector and wind shield. Great for toast. 🙂

(link correct at time of posting)

Primus EasyLight Lantern

I got the Primus EastLight Lantern for a weeks camping at the end of September ’06 as the nights were starting to draw in, but it was still warm enough to sit outside till late. There’s many lanterns on the market to choose from, most obviously the camping gaz ones… however since I had and abundance of LP gas for cooking it made sence to get a landern that could use the same gas. This lamp is ideal, it’s fairly small and lightweight, feels nice and safe to use (good pezo), and is pretty silent to use, whilst making a nice bright white light. Primus also do another lantern that’s more expenvie that’s very hardy, however I prefer the look and feel of this lantern even though is uses a mantle.

(link correct at time of posting)

Cheddar Bridge Caravan Park – Cheddar

Cheddar Bridge is a fairly small site catering for both camping and caravanning. It’s a flat site which is nice, and it’s bookable (ideal if you’re looking for a guaranteed spot). It’s within easy walking distance of the town, with access to nice walks, caves and lots of pubs and touristy shops. It makes for a nice few days away.

There are about 3 or 4 pitches by a river if you’re quick to get them, but if not then you’ll be in one large main field. It’s close to a football ground so there may be some noise from there (doesn’t worry us). There’s a small shop on site, and a supermarket close. The toilet block is not too bad, although can get a bit messy as the road outside isn’t tarmac.

Sunnyside Holiday Village – Newquay, Cornwall

Sunnyside is a 18 – 30’s type of campsite, i.e. it caters for groups of young people. It’s cheep and cheerfull, and if you keep in mind that it’s a campsite for groups of people then you will be pleasently suprised. However if you’re wanting a quiet family campsite then this is not the place for you.

It’s a small way out of Newquay, but it’s well served by bus links and there’s also plenty of taxis to take you in and out of the town.

However if you’re planning on visiting the beach then you’re probably best of using a car as it’s a 4 for 5 mile walk from the site.

I went as part of a Stag party (without the Stag!) and it was good for that, however if I was to go as a couple I’d probably look for somewhere else.

The facilites include an onsite pub (that always seemed to be closed when we were there), shop, pizza takeaway, swimming pool, etc. The showers were not too bad, a few cubicles were missing doors, but in general they were fairly clean and tidy.

Little Roadway Farm – Woolacome, North Devon

Little Roadway Farm is at the top of Woolacombe, a steep climb up a hill if you’re walking. It’s the campsite of choice if you’re with a group of people and can’t get in anywhere else. It’s pretty cheap, and fairly well sheltered by hedges…. however the facilities are very basic and pretty poor, you wouldn’t want to stay for more than a few nights really.

Quechua Tarp

I’d been looking for a Tarp for ages, and could only find expensive ones. Finally I found Decathlon in London which sells Quechua stuff, including their Tarp range… which are excellent, for less than £20 it adds a good amount of extra shelter for when it’s wet.
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Terra Nova Aluminium Alloy Pegs

I lost the pegs that came with my tent, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to these pegs, and I’m very glad I did. They’re not the cheapest you can find (£6 for 6 pegs), but they’re very lightweight and strong, and being fairly wide can be used without a mallet most of the time.
(link correct at time of posting)

Terra Nova Peg Bag

As mentioned, I lost all my original pegs, so whilst I was upgrading them I decided to get a good Terra Nova peg bag for them at the same time. It’s black… holds about 22 pegs nicely, nothing much else to say really – a bargain for £1.99!

Chub Stove Wind Shield

Lightweight foldable windshield with built in prongs to push into the ground for extra stability in strong winds. Folds down to a very compact size. Size when folded 260mm x 100mm. Whilst on the side of a hill in windy conditions I’ve found this is invaluable for managing to get a faster boil for a better brew! £8.99 at the time.
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Thorlo Light Hiking with Coolmax

These are pretty good socks, they feel fairly rugged and have lasted well. However I think I prefer my Brasher socks which are more comfortable. Not bad value for £10.99 but I probably wouldn’t buy them again at that price.
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