Mountain Hardwear Epic Jacket & Epic Pant

I got some money for Christmas from my brother, so I decided to update from my older rain jacket and rain pants to something slightly posher… and as they were on sale from Taunton Leisure I decided to go for Mountain Hardwear Epic Jacket & Epic Pant (links are likely to break I’m afraid!).

I’m really happy with them… they certainly are great at keeping the water out, and are very light… however the jacket is very short compared to what many of us Brits like to wear… this is great for people who ride bikes, or for those who have very big rucksacks, however for the normal walker the jacket really is a little too short and your jumper is likely to stick out the bottom and get wet… you’ve been warned!! Why did I get it? Cos it was on sale and it’s a great coat even with that shortfall. The trousers are good, they have zips that come 3/4 of the way up which makes getting them on and off easy with your boots on.

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