Khyam Mckinley Tent

The Khyam Mckinley Tent has the same rapidex system of erection as my current Khyam Igloo, but basically has a much bigger porch which I would love to have for storage of gear. My Igloo’s now probably about 10 or 15 years old, so it’s about time I upgraded and this is the tent I’d like to get!

Update: Ok, so we’ve got this tent now, it finally leaves the pages of “Kit Wish List” and comes here! – Only used it once so far right at the end of the 05 season, but it worked really well… it was a very wet weekend, and it coped really well with the raid, much better than my Igloo which is pretty dead really. It was also great having a big porch to sit in while it was wet out.

More: Used it quite a few times now… It’s still coping well with water, however most people (including us) will likely want to use the side door to enter the porch… this is fine in the dry, but if the tent is wet then the water will poor off the roof into the porch as soon as you open it. What a pain!! – There is a front door on the tent and I don’t think the problems would be so bad using that door… or you could cover the side entrance with a Tarp.

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