Outdoor Designs Solo Cookset with Stove

I took a long time to decide on what cook set to buy, and eventually went with this one as I liked the combined nature of it all. As you will notice from other posts, I have already ditched the stove for a better one (Primus Micron)… the one that comes with this set is ok, but spreads the flame a little too widely, and in windy conditions took a long time to boil water.
The pans come in a stuff sack (which I’ve now lost, doh) and fit neatly together. The large pan holds enough water for 2 mugs of tea, and the lid from it is big enough to fry eggs and bacon in. I like this kit, but considering I’ve alraedy replaced the stove I wouldn’t recommend it fully. If I had spare cash I would also dump the pan set and buy something lighter with better handles. All in all, not a bad bit of kit, but I could have spent my money better. About £35.

(link correct at time of posting)

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