Mountain Equipment Sleepwalker I Sleeping Bag

A nice looking bag… this is my first “Mummy” style bag and I was worried at the reduced room. However it’s great, I don’t feen restricted and the extra strech around the knees with this bag is great. However at the time of buying we were quite sure to buy one that looked as if it would be warm enough… but this one isn’t, we often have to use a blanket on the top of it and for that very reason I wouldn’t recomment it… spend an extra £10 or £20 and get something warmer. I’d imagine that the Sleepwalker II would be better for me. About £65 I think.
(link correct at time of posting)

Note: You can buy an extra baffle (fat-biffa-baffle as I call it) which zips into the bag to give you a little extra room, a great idea if you like a bit more room to riggle!

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